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We love pinball too. And, as in any relationship worth maintaining, we take its upkeep very seriously. Your pinball machine, like any complex system, will need maintenance once in a while. And by the same token we take extra care to maintain our relationships with our home service clients as personable and professional as possible. This philosophy is something that other home sales and service amusement companies just can't achieve no matter how hard they try to control and change their image to acquire your business. We are very serious about keeping the "fun" in amusement while coupling it with a human business approach when the time comes to making things work.

As in any relationship based on a shared interest, we believe that the energies must flow both ways. Therefore, we ask our clients to be clear, forthright, concise and honest when describing the problems they are experiencing before we do an estimate. We also ask them to answer all our questions prior to taking on their repair. Finally, we explain to them that fixing and maintaining older pinball machines can sometimes be a process that requires a fair amount of patience and resources, especially if they want to get everything working just right. Clarity and communication are the principle prerequisites we require for a first time caller to become one of our valued service clients.

In some cases it happens that we have had to refuse certain repair requests. This very rarely happens, but when it does, the problems turn out to have very little to do with the machine. Hence, we continue to believe that respect is a two way street, and that both parties involved in any relationship, be it business or personal, have the right to make an informed choice.


Here are a few things our clients have had to say about our services.

Rob - Calgary, AL
"The Gottlieb Surf Champ is all set up and plays fantastic. I installed new plastics from Pinball Resource and they look good. I have new back glass coming as well. Thanks again for all your help in checking this pin out before I made the purchase, and I appreciate all your efforts in packing it so diligently for the transport to Alberta.

My kids are absolutely delighted with my new acquisition.

I?m now onto trying to find a 1967 Gottlieb Diamond Jack, please let me know if you find one in your part of the country. I will be in Montreal in about a month for a concert, possibly we could meet for a beer. I would love to see your pinball collection as well."

Montreal Pinball
That's great Rob, I am delighted that it arrived in good working order. Enjoy, and please give me a "heads up" a day or so before getting to Montreal, it would be good to "shoot the breeze" with a fellow EM fanatic from another part of the country. Take Care, Robert Baraké

Domenic - Longueuil, QC
"I have known Robert since 1993 when I bought my first pinball machine from his storefront on Dollard avenue in Lasalle. Since then he has helped me furnish my gameroom with jukeboxes, a slot machine, Coca-Cola machine, a SHOWTIME bingo, an original Ms.Pacman, babyfoot table and whatever else I asked him to source out for me. And in turn, I have confidently referred him to many of my friends for their coin-operated equipment needs."

Brenda - Chateauguay, QC, - Gottlieb 1976 "Sure Shot"
"Our working pinball machine has become a huge hit with my son Jesse's friends! It's also become a contest between Dave and the boys over who can get the highest score. Shayne's high score is the background for his cellphone. They even got my mother-in-law playing it one day.

The only thing we have noticed is that sometimes you get an extra ball, usually at ball 4 but occasionally on ball 1. Not a big deal though. The bumper is still sticking but is not really affecting the play at all so, when you come to do a service call for Denis down the street, we'll get you to take care of that. Also, Dave would like the lock on the back repaired if you are able."

Montreal Pinball
Glad to hear it Brenda, I especially like the fact that the it is such a hit across the generations. Enjoy and we'll be in touch when Denis calls or e-mails, or whatever happens first. No problem for the back door lock or any other issues you have detailed. . Keep Flippin', Robert Baraké

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