Observations from a Stool - # 4

"Advertising signs they con you into thinking you’re the one that can do what’s never been done that can win what’s never been won meantime life outside goes on all around you."

Robert Zimmerman

And now, - more off beat observations from a stool pigeon who just accidentally tilted once again.

Build as tough as an EM Gottlieb those Volvos, good thing too.


A proud and industrious past has ended in America. It remains a past like none that has ever existed before.

Wait, - that is not saying much now is it ?

Ok then.

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We hardly build anything here anymore and that speaks volumes

But now, we definitely seem to have an awful lot to say don`t we? This must be a new age, `cause we just can`t seem to sit down and shut up and build common everyday stuff that isn`t obsolete or used up and broken a month after it goes to market or into use.

A new age has definitely begun that occasionally looks to the energy of our productive past for inspiration. And when it finds none there, it turns on itself where it acknowledges little depth in any past. Those who now populate and propagate this new age may be having trouble allocating the time necessary to look deeply into what previously took place here and interpreting the information available to their advantage. So, many of these new humans will likely be doomed to play in their own waste until the end. Don`t take it too seriously, something will always survive and grow, even from the remains of something that rotted.

Last Saturday after a half day of work and being driven around by an old friend in order to accomplish the chores and responsibilities taking up the second half of the work day, many mixed emotions understandably took over my evening thoughts after I sat down at a table over looking the Main from the North Star. At this particular table sat three newer friends and so the context of past and present inevitably came knocking at my door begging for a sort of analysis, and dare I say comparison. Most of us know that comparisons are often odious.

James (one of the Maniacs), my friend Alain and his wife sat at this latest table of thoughts as we watched people play and spoke about what we were living as post middle aged adults in and through this new age. After listening carefully to eachother`s exchanges, I came to the following conclusion.

There is nothing I want right now other than what I already think I have a firm grip on at this particular stage of my life.

Hence, I need another goal. Get it ?

Because in and through the powerful evolutionary drive to go forward, I am certain lies in every healthy & vibrant human being the desire to make things work, move forward and make things better vis à vis our human condition.

But in a decline, which I beleive we are living, I no longer see any point in creating more things, or making more babies or building objects that will not last at least a lifetime. There is already way too much stuff to deal with in the here and now and most of it is broken and/or wasted in order to generate more profit for those who sit idle and want money for nothing regardless of the disastrous consequences resulting from this constant demand for unnatural growth and consequential wastefulness. We are living at the end of yet another empire and many sordid opportunities await those who can lie without shame and are able to believe their own empty hype while embracing short sightedness. So hurry up and get your “fuck you” money, `cause time is getting short.

But back to this new age. I have come to believe that true amazement is overshadowed by the necessary noise of hype, anxiety and inane commercial babble needed to fill an obvious void of basic lasting values created by our declining empire. This noise (or songs of the doomed) is making it almost impossible to notice something truly extraordinary when it does actually take place in this here and now. The many words and images displayed on our screens are generating a “much to do about nothing” environment with the likely unconscious hope that something will grow from these essentially empty exclamations of something being hailed as a happening. Growth and forward movement has been in our programming since something began to rot in a puddle of sludge billions of years ago and started life on this planet. We are at the top of that rotten heap now and we still thrive for growth even in times when there is no real ground below us in order for things we say, do and become to take root.

Many of us partake quite seriously in this choir of useless information and/or opinions and take all this to be more than only what someone or other likes or doesn`t like because we need to feel like something is happening regardless of a new reality that is being hailed as liberating. Grasping for truth and values in these times resembles the rise in bible sales during the great depression of the last century, except that now the new truth is on your personal screen. In this century, as in the past, we are driven by our intrinsic need for growth and have made a mountain out of a molehill mainly via social media and the common gibberish of the doomed where everyone can be heard, even those with little or no credibility or knowledge concerning the topic at hand or no real education or creativity.

The reality (as always) is that there is nothing worth a damn happening anywhere except right in front of you. And what is physically before you may be important, even more so when you decide to act on that something which you acknowledged with your own eyes and mind and take the time to understand. Maybe something struck your attention and became important to you via someone you know and trust, a real friend for example. But repeating what some stranger said or did will get you nowhere except with others who have forgotten how to think for themselves, and the latter make for lousy friends, no matter how many you count as being on the same page as you. It remains only just one page, so what ya gonna do ? So why not say something that will give others a starting point, an idea, or maybe something you may never have thought about before.

"Almost everyone is born a genius and buried an idiot".

Charles Bukowski


Observation date : 2016-05-29