Observations from a Stool - # 3

"What gets you bughouse is to lie awake all night unable to think about anything else except....."
Hemingway in a letter to a friend after one of his many accidents and being bed-ridden again.

"Hi Rob. How did the line up check go this morning ?"

"Hey J.F., it was a breeze. Just finished at the shop a few minutes ago and having lunch with James at Elio`s. Dolly Parton`s got a new rectifier board and some new drop targets. Will likely have to baby sit her at the bar this afternoon after install. By the way, it is taco night at the North Star, so this could get messy."

"Good to know the lineup is stable, time to add Dolly as a random element."

Tackiness seems to abound in our times as a somewhat popular flavour which possibly may have something to do with the general population become progressively aesthetically impotent. I just think that some people are unable to recognize "ugly", - it may be like being tone death visually, it isn`t anyone`s fault really, at least I hope not. Because if it was intentional, we would be lining up unconsciously for some troubled times.

I don`t claim to have any grasp on a solution to the condition of ugliness being "put out" there as something to be shared. Some people, (cowards) say that tastes can not be discussed, while scientists say that sentient beings are attracted by symmetry and that leads to good results in breeding, especially in the insect world. I do believe that as humans we are also capable of identifying something symmetric as attractive, but the fact that we are not insects makes symmetry just a good place for us to start. The rest is a matter of taste which I will not discuss here because I am feeling like a bit of a coward lately to go down on that. Well not really, it is just that I have more important observations to share from this stool tonight than the aesthetics of a dated commercial pinball machine.

Yesterday was a good work day. In fact, it was quite pleasant because I was driven up and down the Main by the Maniacs I work with on weekends and told to sit down, shut up and act as the executive producer of all the repairs they accomplished under my gaze. So I did what i was told. See, I can listen as well as babble for hours.

So Saturday morning`s line up check consisted of several minor technical failures (coin jams, flipper hassles, one stand up target replacement and various other minor non-sense) all of which were duly noted in the log book the night before by the North Star staff. We were able to address the sum of these hassles in just under two hours with the resource of two and half maintenance maniacs, - yours truly accounting for a "half maniac" on that Saturday exclusively.

After lunch we prepared another machine for rotation, and one more for trade with another maniac we appreciate for his overall gumption. This trade will happen in the coming week I believe.

Back at the bar, we spend time taking with some of the patrons which included a young lady who wrote a great piece a couple of weeks ago about pinball history and the North Star being pivotal in rendering pinball machines popular again in Montreal. She wrote this incredibly informative article without interviewing any of us, which led me to believe that anything is possible when you can read and interpret information with an open mind.

After the Maintenance Maniacs did a live repair, she approached us and asked if I was Robert from Montreal Pinball. Once that was verified as accurate, I told her how impressed I was with her writing and research once she introduced herself as this fine internet journalist.

http://visitmtl.com/montreals-north-sta ... naissance/

What opened the flood gates


The clincher

I am happy to report that despite all the negative stuff that has taken place lately in my life, it all seems to vanish into thin air when I sit on this stool alone and watch people play, and especially when I take the time to think about all the great people I know who want to make pinball popular again during difficult economic times like these. And the nice thing about writing on a cell phone (I can`t believe I just said that) is that nobody approaches me when I squint at this screen and I am careful to make sure that I only look up from it when I need inspiration from what is really taking place around me, only to then report it to other people in front of more screens.

Come out and play I say, there is nothing more real that you can do when you come face to face with the lightness of being. Many things had to happen in order for this place to exist so perfectly on the Main nerve of Montreal, enjoy living it for yourselves is my main advice in whatever capacity you see fit. I am not an expert on joy just yet, but I am working on it.

Sassy !!.jpg
Be light, be joyful & playful. There will be plenty of time to be sad.

I won`t apologize for all this bad writing, I am not quite myself these days, I had to check the document below to make sure I was who I am to those defining me these days.


If Mr. JacquesTremblay signed off on the above document so willingly while still acknowledging our sense of humour, I will do my best to abide. That is the least I can do.

Observation date : 2016-05-14