Routine on the Road - Refuge by the Riverside

A route technician making his way home from the road to his refuge.

Let`s start this with an understatement, things sure have changed since 1947. The roads of America which Kerouac traveled and detailed so poetically have become quite trodden upon in the last 70 years or so making it seems as if there are less & less stories worth telling about any of us going anywhere anymore. And "YES, YES, YES" as Cassday would retort, and yes again and to hell with the mysteries of living out our personal disorientation we will now declare. We don`t need that shit anymore in order to be creative, the hipsters of today would say that all the creativity we need is on line. Indeed, our disorientations have all been extinguisshed anyways in the last little while since we know everyhting about anything now. Any disorientations have now become almost shameful to admit to expose as we basked in the LED light of the information age. Hell, we are not lost, "NO NO NO" - there is no question about that anymore Clohe would say ? We have a much better reality now as to where we are, who we are and where we are headed and it is quite abosloute and so marvelous now that my head is spinning. There are no more questions to hinder our choices or mess with our freedom. We have no more doubts about where we are headed, no siree Jack. There is a great future ahead for those who want to run the human race within this new century. I am so releived, and I am not kidding one bit when I say that this is all jake with me. I will manage somehow to find my own refuge by the riverside regardless of this new reality and the next generation of yuongins finding truth in the light of their screens, because at the end of the day...................... ;)

It is all about "getting there", fast and safely, without incidents aor questions. Maybe even without a single comment as we let ourselves be quided so voluntarily.

It is all now about "getting there", fast and safely, without incidients or too many questions, the latter variables are too annoying, better yet, let us not make a single comment as we let ourselves be guided so voluntarily. just another destination with no feelings whatsoever which may end up reflecting what randomly crosses your mind via the possibility of a beautiful and fleweting moment in your life, your once in a lifetime life moment. There is no time for that bullshit anymore, we are in the information age god-damn it ! No one wants to hear about how you go "there". In any case, those silly human relections are just too messy, let alone trying to share them.


 Fuck that, turn on that all knowing gps and let`s get there without letting any doubts or thoughts about our destination possibly getting in the way. Don`t look at the road, look at the device representing the reality of the pavement which lays just beyond the thin safety glass of your windshield, and yes, it is hard and real. It will get you there alright when you meet it head on, no doubt about that being the final goal, what else could it possibly be ?

"In an era when it feels as though we`ve somehow seen everything already, or at least photos of it online, it`s comforting to know that out there, just beyond the boundaries of our own routines, await subtle flavors of joy we can`t conceive of. "